Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video Tutorials now in the works!

In an effort to make LDSJournal easier (if that's possible), the Help Desk team has started creating Video Tutorials to answer member requests related to features or functionality in the LDSJournal system. All tutorials will be posted in the Help Center on the LDSJournal Web site, but you can also access the video tutorials from our YouTube channel by visiting

If you have any specific tutorials you would like to see, please contact the Help Desk and we'll do our best to get your tutorial into production.
Here's a video tutorial explaining how to add Footnotes (photos) to your journal entries.

LDSJournal Gold goes live!

This update has been a long time coming, but we've released the LDSJournal Gold service and the response from members has been tremendous!

The main differences between the basic FREE account and the LDSJournal Gold service is with Gold, members can synchronize email addresses with their account and email journal entries with photos attached directly into their LDSJournal account. For members that access and compose email messages from their mobile devices, this feature will come as a welcome upgrade. We've also pulled all of the third-party ad locations, increased storage up to 2GB and given users the ability to export their LDSJournals to PDF. The cost of the Gold service is $29.95/year and all Gold subscribers receive a 10% discount on printed hardbound journals.

We're very excited about the Gold service and we're even more excited about new features we will be adding to the Gold service very soon. To see the promotional email that we've been sending to our members, please click the link below: