Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LDSJournal.com FREE Book Publishing Winners

One of the few things I personally get to enjoy at the TOFW events is when Laurel or Chrislyn announces the winners of the LDSJournal.com FREE giveaway. At each event this year we have given away one (1) Full Color print of an LDSJournal to a lucky member in the audience. With this prize, the winner can choose to print up their personal LDSJournal up to 800-pages in full color and LDSJournal.com will cover the cost of the printed book -- a $150-$200 value. Recently, we have given away three (3) Color Prints in Richmond, CA; Riverside, CA; and Kansas City, MO. Steve even made up a very nice certificate to award our winners. Here's a handful of our winners, just in case you wondered if anyone actually wins these sick puppies. :)



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