Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been a while since my last post

Wow, it's been so long since I've written on this blog, you might think that I must really struggle with my journal writing. :) Well, at least I do a good job with that. I felt compelled to write about my experience the past few weekends at Time Out For Women in Richmond, VA and Riverside, CA. As one of the major sponsors of TOFW, I feel LDSJournal.com is extremely lucky to be a part of such a great event, but particularly blessed to have an opportunity to positively effect the lives of many members and meet so many of our current and new users face-to-face.

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to meet Ardeth Kapp. She gave a tremendous talk and I got to listen to it in Richmond and Riverside. I wish all members could have an opportunity to hear this sweet lady share her testimony and counsel. I felt so lucky when she stopped by our table to learn about LDSJournal. I shared our hopes and goals of the service and to get approval of our mission from Ardeth was a thrill for me. She even referenced LDSJournal and what she learned about the evolution of journaling in her talk -- that was particularly special for me.

One of the great things that we do at all of the TOFW events is the FREE Full Color Printed Book giveaway. All attendees have an opportunity to enter our drawing and we had 1 winner in Richmond and 3 winners in Riverside. Two of the 4 winners were current users of LDSJournal and I was thrilled to be able to give them an opportunity to print their journal before the holidays.

I was to personally thankful to the users that stopped by our booth to learn about the service and take brochures and pass along cards to members of their Ward. I hope that I will meet some of you in Kansas City and the upcoming shows in St. George and Salt Lake City.


Julie said...

I was at TOFW this weekend in Minnesota and loved the speakers and musicians. I also loved learning about LDSJournal.com. I look forward to getting started.

Jean said...

I was at TOFW in KC,MO last Saturday. It was wonderful! I especially enjoyed listening to Sister Belcher and her experiences of growing up with one eye. I too lost my rt. eye to Retinablastoma at 3 1/2 yrs old. I shared allot of her the humorous events and also not so humorous. I like her, made it a stepping stone rather than a crutch. I am now 75 years old. Jean P