Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moment of Truth - Church Remote

We've been working very hard to improve the LDSJournal service and are looking forward to making updates to the site. One of the sections we're really excited about is the 'Moment of Truth' comic strip illustrated by our very own Steve Reed. Many of you have been submitting 'Moment of Truth' ideas to our team and we've really enjoyed the humorous glimpse into your everyday lives that many of you were nice enough to share.

Recently, we had a user write into the Help Center asking about the 'Moment of Truth' cartoon and wondering why we haven't gotten that section live yet. To be perfectly honest, we're working on other features that have been moved up on the priority list. So, in an effort to get some of the cartoons out in the viewing public, we will be posting some of the 'Moment of Truth' strips on our blog.

Here's a recent submission by Steve that he was kind enough to share. Enjoy!!!

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