Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moment of Truth - Church Remote

We've been working very hard to improve the LDSJournal service and are looking forward to making updates to the site. One of the sections we're really excited about is the 'Moment of Truth' comic strip illustrated by our very own Steve Reed. Many of you have been submitting 'Moment of Truth' ideas to our team and we've really enjoyed the humorous glimpse into your everyday lives that many of you were nice enough to share.

Recently, we had a user write into the Help Center asking about the 'Moment of Truth' cartoon and wondering why we haven't gotten that section live yet. To be perfectly honest, we're working on other features that have been moved up on the priority list. So, in an effort to get some of the cartoons out in the viewing public, we will be posting some of the 'Moment of Truth' strips on our blog.

Here's a recent submission by Steve that he was kind enough to share. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O Remember, Remember by President Henry B. Eyring

President Eyring gave a wonderful talk about the importance of keeping a journal. It is one of many great talks given by President Eyring and we wanted to share this video with you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trusting in the Lord

Steve wrote me last week and asked that I post this video on our blog. I just love the messages that The Church puts out either as commercials or videos such as this. Please take a moment to view this video.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Local Las Vegas Kid 'Hits' the Big Time

Okay, this post has nothing to do with journal keeping, but I'm going to write about it my journal, so it sort of does. ;)

Bryce Harper, a 16-year old kid from Las Vegas High School is going to be on the next Sports Illustrated magazine cover. WHAT? That's right, a prodigy in baseball that's hyped before he makes it to the league? You've seen that before right? NO YOU HAVEN'T! I've personally witnessed this kid in action and I've watched a lot of baseball in my life. This kid is the real deal. And best of all, he's a great kid with a great attitude. My youngest brother has had a chance to hang out with Bryce recently and he always comes away saying how humble and down to earth he is. I can tell you that I find that to be the most impressive thing about this young man because everyone has been talking about him since he was 10-years old.

I was so excited to see that a "good" kid is getting some love from a big time publication. To read more about this kid, check out

Dancing is something I actually really enjoy

Well, I've been getting a lot of flack lately from my guy friends and high praise from the women in my life. Why? Because I'm taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray and I really like it. Actually, I've been taking personal lessons twice a week and going to the Group Classes almost every night. It has been a wonderful social activity and an opportunity to do something that I thought I might never get a chance to do. I'm not going to lie, the lessons aren't cheap, but if you take advantage of the Group Classes, it really is a great deal.

So, why am I bothering telling you this? I don't work at Arthur Murray and I'm not getting a kick-back. Well, I started to realize that lately, I've been taking it upon myself to personally work on finding activities to do and record them in my journal. It doesn't matter what it is, but I've made an effort to do something each day that is new and exciting. Actually, this will probably be the most interesting year of journal writing and my goal is to make my posterity think that I am a modern-day Renaissance Man. :)

We get Support Center write-ins all the time asking what the Journal Jar is for. Some of you love it and others want to know how to hide it (it's in the 'My Settings Display' section). But really, the Journal Jar is for you if you ever run into a situation where you don't know what to write about.

I would encourage you to make an effort to do something, either by yourself or with your family, that you've never done before. Create those new experiences and share your thoughts and feelings in your journal for your posterity. Reading some of my past entries from when I started dance class is such a riot and I can only hope that I could see the look on my grandchild's face when they read it. Priceless...

Oh, and if you read this post and you're at one of the Time Out For Women events, come on by and we'll do a little Cha-Cha or Salsa for kicks. Hey, I've seen 'So You Think You Can Dance' and it seems like the best dancers are LDS. ;)