Monday, May 4, 2009

Time Out For Women, Billings, MT a great success!!!

I was speaking with Richard and Jan this weekend and they were so excited about the feedback they were getting from members attending the Time Out For Women event in Billings, MT. It's always such a rewarding experience for our team to speak to new members and current members and learn more about what they love about and what they hope to see in future. I wanted to share a cute photo of Richard and Jan in Montana. They're the best. :-)

We also introduced some new handouts at the event to make transporting marketing material to TOFW events easier. From what I heard, the new handouts seemed to go over very well. I can tell you that I'm thrilled to hear that because Steve will be making the trek to South Carolina this week and I will be in Cincinnati the following weekend and our older brochures/handouts were just a beast to travel with. ;)

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