Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Running into LDSJournal members on the street

Okay, it's been a while since I've written on the company blog. Admittedly, keeping up with my full time job and making sure the Facebook Group is updated, Twitter hasn't been forgotten about, and the Blog stays up to date is pretty time consuming. And more importantly, we really care more about our members that need help getting into their accounts or want to learn more about the service.

Today, I had lunch with a long time friend named Joy. She was asking what I've been up to and I told her about and how great it feels to help people accomplish such a difficult activity. Joy is a non-member and was interested to learn that members of the Church are encouraged to keep a journal. Even more interesting was that so many of her co-workers are Latter-day Saints. So, she took it upon herself to tell everyone in her office about and her old pal that helped build it.

To my surprise, almost everyone there had heard of the service and most were using it or had a family member that used it. I also discovered that most of the people were NOT aware of the following features:
  1. You CAN add photos to your journal entries
  2. You CAN print your journal to a book in Black & White OR Full Color
  3. You CAN print your books with photos including with your entries (Need to choose Full Color)
  4. You CAN add scripture references
  5. You CAN add Afterthoughts to your journal entries
I then got into a very lengthy discussion about new features and what's coming down the pipe later this year. It was exciting to talk about the service and surprising so many people were interested to hear what is going on.

I can tell you this much, I left very motivated and anxious to talk to my team about our goals for the rest of this year. We've got a lot to do and I hope many of you feel the same way as the members I met today. It's always great for our team to know that people are counting on us to make the service better.

Coming Up in May...
Time Out for Women - Billings, MT (May 1-2)
Family History Expo - Logan, UT (May 9)
Time Out for Women - Columbia, SC (May 8-9)
Time Out for Women - Cincinnati, OH (May 15-16)

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