Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family History Expo in St. George a great success!

This past weekend attended the Family History Expo in St. George, UT. It's really a great event to attend and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn how journal keeping really fits in with genealogy work. For most, getting to learn about and our book publishing feature was the highlight of the weekend. We had the pleasure of speaking to so many people and hearing their stories and what they like about One person in particular, Thomas Kemp, was kind enough to share his thoughts.

I took away so much from this weekend, but one ideal in particular was confirmed over and over as I spoke to people from all over the West coast. It's great to do genealogy work and, as members of the Church, the importance of this activity has much greater implications beyond simple family-tree research. But what seemed to get lost in the shuffle was, "Who is doing the work for you?" As we spoke to people, the thought really hit home for some.

I was really grateful to have members of our team readily available to answer questions about and share the benefits of keeping your journal with us. For some, keeping a journal will be a major first step and we're just glad that we can help them get on track with their journal writing. Here are some photos of our booth at the show.

Amy and Richard talk to a few people at the LDSJournal booth.

Jan and Richard share their journaling experiences with new users.

Amy shows an attendee an example of a printed, hard-bound book.

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