Monday, February 9, 2009

Major update and more on the way

For many of our members, the update we made this past Friday, February 6 was a welcome addition to the service. We've received rave reviews thus far and we're very encouraged by the feedback we have received. If you haven't seen the updates, please see below:
  1. No More Welcome Page - Sometimes less is more. In this case, we decided to let members dive right into their journal upon login. We'll be adding new features to this page soon which will make journal keeping a little more fun and interactive.
  2. My Library - Preview your printed journal before it gets published.
  3. Multiple Daily Entries - Now you can record multiple entries with different topics, Moods, Footnotes and Afterthoughts and have them all occur on the same day.
  4. Options Menu - Access all the options associated with your journal entries in a quick, easy menu. If you're writing in your journal, you can't miss it.
  5. Move Entry - Create your entry on the wrong date? No problem! Use the 'Move Entry' feature to quickly move your journal entry to the correct date.
  6. Tags - organize your journal entries by assigning 'Tags' to each entry. (Ex. family, church, kids)
  7. Journal Jar - Found when writing a journal entry, this feature provides topics and ideas to help you get started.
  8. Private Entries (we be re-introduced at the next update of the BookBuilder) - If you've ever written an entry that was for your eyes only, make it 'Private' and exclude them from your printed journal book.
  9. Improved Search - Faster search results and integrated 'Tags' will make search even more powerful.
Coming Soon...
  1. LDSJournal Gold Service
  2. Legacy Protection
  3. Footnote Additions
  4. 'All About Me' Enhancements
  5. Sub Journals and much more...
We're also going to be adding more Moods in the coming weeks, so those of you that keep coming up with those clever moods and icon suggestions, thank you...


SunnyMomma said...

It would really be great if LDS journal could recieve rss feed from users blogs. I would love to journal more, but I do blog a lot, and it would be very nice to be able to transfer my blog entries over to my LDS Journal entries. It would be excellent if we could then publish those entries all together into a hardbound book.

Nick Jones said...

We think that is a great idea and we are planning on building that option into LDSJournal in the future. We're also thinking about making it possible to share an entry from to a blog. Would that be helpful to you or do you feel that your journal entries would be too private? Our gut reaction is that there are just some funny moments in life you have to share. :)

Alan Lindsay said...

It would be nice if we could share journal entries with other ldsjournal users (such as spouses). Sort of like google docs. This isn't really rss as it would only be shared per user but you get the idea. This would certainly help my wife and I to continually use the service.

Nick Jones said...

Alan, we might have to hire you because you're right on track with where we're headed. ;) We want to make sharing a closed system option, but we certainly think it will keep families journaling and make it more fun an interactive.