Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latter-day Bride 2009 Issue hits the streets

More than a year ago, I started researching various marketing avenues for LDSJournal.com and was coming up fairly empty. It seemed that the market to advertise our journal service was pretty slim and in most cases the options were relatively poor. It was very frustrating as a business owner looking to share our new concept and help people journal.

One of the few good marketing angles we found was Latter Day Bride magazine. A high-end magazine targeted towards selling modest gowns was owned by one of the finest retailers for gowns and formals. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the owners of Latter Day Bride magazine and came away very impressed. I felt confident in our decision to advertise in their publication and yesterday, I received their newest issue in the mail. I'm super pumped because this issue will hit the magazine racks at Borders and other establish publication retailers soon. I'm even more excited about the quality of the magazine and how beautiful the ads turned out in print.

Here are the two ads we placed in Latter Day Bride

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