Friday, August 1, 2008

WIN 4 TICKETS to a BYU Home Game

There is so much going on at We have a new front-end to the Web site getting launched in the next week. We have the Gold Service nearing a beta release in August and we're getting ready to incorporate a handful of other features that users have been asking for.

But I'm writing today to talk about a promotion we just launched! As of yesterday, members can enter to WIN 4 TICKETS to a BYU home football game. It's a fun promotion that we're doing with BYU Athletics and we're just excited to be doing something for our members that allows them to create fun memories. If you want to enter yourself into the contest, simply login to your account and click the BYU promotional banner on the Welcome page. If you're currently NOT an member, click the banner below to learn more about the contest and get started!

For those of you that aren't BYU fans or have no interest in football, we'll have other promotions and trips available later
this year, so keep an eye out.

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