Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spreading the word about

If you're a member of and you haven't seen any of our advertising, there's a chance a family member or friend shared the site with you. If that is the case, give them a hug for us. :)

We've been doing quite a bit of marketing and we've had very good success with various LDS-specific publications. We've also been fortunate enough to have numerous articles written about thanks in part to Vanguard Media Group. But to be fair, we have much more success with online properties and that should make sense since we're an online service.

Some of you have been kind enough to link to on your blog and have even used the pre-designed site badges on your blogs to help your visitors easily find us. Please accept our sincerest thanks for sharing this service. Our primary objective is to help members get into the journaling habit and any way in which we can help people learn about will be considered.

The question I have is are there specific ways in which we can reach members in your area/region/country? Do you recommend specific publications or events/gatherings that could participate in or sponsor?

We're hoping to help subsidize the cost of written journals to a number of Stakes for their local Youth Conferences. While a written journal doesn't really help, we feel that it is our obligation to help people get into the journaling habit whether offline or online. Hopefully if members choose to go online, they will choose

Please let me know if there is a local publication in your area or an event you think would be good for to be involved in.

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shelly said...

The San Diego Seagull would be a good publication in which to advertise!