Monday, June 30, 2008

Sharing with Friends and Family

This past weekend, I attended an 80th birthday celebration in California for my uncle's father. It was great to be at the event and it's always nice to see family get together and share great times, laughter and tears of joy. While at the event, something really awesome happened to me and I would have never guessed that it would happen at this party.

Let me give you a little back-story. My uncle's name is Carlos. He is a great man and he's been a great influence and friend to me over the years. Carlos comes from a large family and all of his siblings and family members were in attendance. While they are all wonderful people, I didn't think we'd have a whole lot to talk about since most of them were acquaintances in my life. But interestingly enough, many of the people at this party had plenty to talk about since they were users of They told me that they were doing family history for the first time and they asked me where I got the idea. (Admittedly, this was a perfect segue into a discussion about the LDS Church and the importance of journal keeping.) And while that was fun, my time chatting with Carlos' family got me thinking about sharing family history. Everyone was sharing their greatest memories and it was great seeing so much laughter and joy from these moments in each others life.

As much as I am grateful for this service and for the opportunity to share with members all around the world, I am equally grateful for many of the lives we touch that are new to learning about the LDS Church. I am always amazed at how sharing a great idea with one person can touch so many lives. Have you had any opportunities to share your journaling experience with others? If so, we'd love to hear about it.

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