Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday's to remember

I think that as we get older we tend to reflect on our life rather than just the past year. Well, at least I seem to reflect more as I get older. I really notice this as members of my family get older. Today is my mom's birthday. I have plenty to write about personally and I'm looking forward to the family time I'm going to get this evening. I love it when we all get a chance to get together to laugh and have a good time. I've recently gotten my brother's into keeping a journal and I'm hoping they record something this evening.

One of my business partners happens to have his birthday today, too. I have to admit, my business partners keep things easy for me since they have birthdays on the same day as various members of my family. So, if I forget a big birthday at work, I really blow it.

With yesterday's Father's Day celebration, there's so much to be thinking about and writing about. I find that when I look back on my journal entries for the past year, I'm really glad that I wrote entries about so many of the events that have taken place in such great detail. I do notice that I tend to write more during special events, holidays, or birthdays. I don't know how I manage to write more when there are so many distractions but perhaps I feel the Spirit and am inspired to write more during those times.

Recently, LDS Living published an article about the "The Good Side of the Internet" and they mentioned many sites and services that can be used to help you record these special events and moments. Lucky for us, was also mentioned. Click on the link above to read the full article.

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